Surviving the First Date

Surviving the First Date

I often consult with my 28-year old hunky, adorable nephew for material on what to blog about. He's so full of it (blog material). I had to laugh when he recently told me that he was "fed up" with the emotional garbage from girls...(hey, dude, you're just beginning....). I asked him about first dates, and how they would lead to a 2nd date. I've been out of the dating scene sometime now, and I really want to assist my clients that are returning or beginning the dating process.

For your reading, here are 5 simple "rules" to follow, and you'll get a 2nd date:

1. Don't be a conversation hog. No one wants to sit through a litany of "me, I did, me, me, I did, I am, me, me, me" get it?

2. Don't interrupt your date in the middle of a story. Sure, you can
relate and what your date is saying will trigger a memory that you'd
like to share. Hold that thought. Allow your date to finish the story
without you jumping in and telling your similar experience.

3. Don't go overboard trying to get your date to like you. This is a mutual thing, and stop worrying if your date likes YOU, what do YOU
think of your date?

4. Don't talk about your past relationship
and relay horrifying stories about it. Period. No ex talk at all.
You're in the here and now, in this moment.

5. Don't talk about a future get-together or date.
Leave it with, "great meeting you, let's do this again SOMETIME". If
your date is truly interested (barring that 3-day "rule") you'll get a
phone call or some kind of communication.

Most of all, be
yourself when you first meet someone. If you're pretending to be
someone that you're not, eventually who you are will reveal itself in
one way or another. Have FUN! And, the most critical element of a first
date is have NO expectations of anything. This includes pre-conceived
notions that "This is "the one"" for you, or "This is going to be
boring". The least you "expect", the more you receive!

Sending you angels,