Can LOVE be legislated?

Can LOVE be legislated?

This issue has always bothered me tremendously. What difference does
gender make? Two people are in love and want to seal that love legally.
I, personally, feel that God loves us ALL unconditionally, and is
certainly not gender-specific when He observes us doing our day to day
screw ups.

I don't get it. TO ME, ALL hearts love the same, and
ALL hearts break the same. Love does not attach itself to a
gender-bias. Love is relentless - it will blindside anyone. Love
harasses all. Love bewilders us all. Love has no boundaries...and it
certainly doesn't have an agenda. Love lifts your soul to the heavens,
or it can drag you through hell. Love is, without a doubt, the most
incredibly powerful thing in the entire universe. Why? Because it comes
directly from God.

As a reader,  I don't care what color of skin
you have, what you do for a living, how much money you make, how big
your house is, how famous you are or aren't, if your love interest is
the same-sex or not, and I don't care what kind of car you may drive or
what breed your dog is (I hope it's one you adopted from the Humane

I DO care about is the current love interest you have that has crushed
your heart with the kindness of a Mack truck, or who has suddenly made
your toes tingle like never before! THESE things I want to help you
with, because THESE are the things that truly matter in ANY and ALL

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