How I Knew My Guy Was Husband Material

beach wedding

3. We wanted the same things in life. We both wanted kids, and when I told him that I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, he didn't hesitate to  agree. He wanted the same kind of long-term stability I wanted, the kind that is offered by a lifelong marriage.

4. He was open-minded and flexible. Being practical and grounded doesn't have to mean that you also have to be rigid, uncompromising or boring. He liked to have plans (and still does) but showed me early on that he was flexible enough to change those plans if we wanted to, and he also had a healthy measure of spontaneity.

5. He was honest. In the year and a half we were dating (and ever since), he was never once dishonest with me. Trust has never been a question in our relationship.

6. He was romantic. From fires on the beach to surprise CDs with the most romantic songs to sending flowers "just because," he's always shown me his romantic side. Even in our busy, hectic family life, he still surprises me with love notes or flowers every now and again.

7. He got better looking all the time. While I certainly thought he was cute the first time he walked across the room to say hello, I found that as I got to know him more, my attraction to him got stronger and stronger. It still does.

Nearly twelve years later, I know I was right. He is one of the good guys. And now he's my best friend ... and after all is said and done, I really miss that old Jeep Wrangler.

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