Couples Going Green Together


Learn how going green can improve your relationship!

Years later, literally everything we touch in our home is natural. In addition to the list above, we use cotton bedding and clothing, stainless steel or cast iron cookware, carbon filters in our air vents, a HEPA vacuum cleaner, a steam cleaner that cleans the grimiest surfaces as well as windows so easily using only water, real wood built-in closets and cabinets and much more. It's all clean, green and natural.

The two biggest accomplishments we're most proud of, though, are the solar panels we installed to convert our new home to solar energy and our awesome organic raised bed vegetable gardens where we grow 95% of our own produce. It's so much fun working the garden together, learning how to do it from scratch and being continually amazed at what we can grow like corn and watermelon and how much better it all tastes. Our very first broccoli flower just popped its head out last week — did you know broccoli is a flower that hasn't bloomed yet? We didn't!

Anyway, there are so many things you can do with your special love to create a green, healthy life. You can discover it together and bond while doing it. You can have a green wedding or create green vacations. You can decide to make it a game, a challenge or just a pleasure to spur each other on to build your green life together. It's rewarding in many ways!

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Jan Tucker is a yogi, author and mentor who shares her experiences to help others understand what living a natural yoga lifestyle means. She founded a store at which offers truly green, natural products. And she offers a bi-monthly event on her Facebook site called The White Lotus Way in Five Minutes a Day. The journey helps people remove blocks that keep them from being balanced and at peace.