Testing His Love: Why You Do It And How To Stop

testing his love

Are you guilty of testing a guy to see if he'll stick around in the relationship?

We all have moments of insecurity in relationships and sometimes a little reassurance is needed from our partners to make all feel right with the world again. Chances are, he would much rather prefer to be approached directly than being secretly tested ... wouldn't you?

Sometimes, our fears are more deeply-rooted and require more than reassurance. If you have tried sharing honestly with your significant other and you still don't feel satisfied, it may be appropriate to spend time doing further personal reflection. Seeking the help of a therapist is another great way to explore the origin of your feelings and learn new ways of coping.

If you're testing your partner, you're not being honest with him/her and you're not being honest with yourself. Be courageous and look into the feelings behind your actions. I bet you will come out on the other side feeling more whole, truer to yourself and closer to your partner!