3 Tips For Teaching Your Kids About LGBT Pride Month

Parenting: Teaching Your Kids About LGBT Pride Month

It's important to let your kids know that love sees no gender.

Be honest. Your kids will have questions — and don't be surprised if these questions are surprisingly deep or existential. My stepdaughter's most difficult question for us on the subject of equal marriage rights was, "Why can't gay people marry who they love?" We answered as simply and as honestly as we could, "Because some people are taught that being gay is wrong — and this month just happens to be LGBT Pride Month, which is when many people show in different ways, like in parades or in advertisements, that they are either proud of being gay or support the gay community."

Be open. Let your kids know that they can keep coming back to you with any questions that pop up. Being open also means keeping the conversation going. The older your kids get, the heavier the messaging so it's important to initiate check-ins in order gauge what they know and what they are hearing from peers. At our house, we have found that the dinner table is a great place to discuss important issues.

Talking about LGBT Pride with your kids can be a deeply rewarding experience and it's not as scary as you might think! Just remember to keep it simple, honest, and open and you will do just fine. Happy LGBT Pride Month, friends!