Why Aren't We Having Sex?

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What do you do when you stop having sex? Friends, lovers or business partners?

Sexless marriages and relationships are now epidemic. Our lovers are becoming sexless friends or business partners. Not having sex is painful and frustrating, which leads to cheating or being completely shut down or turned off to sex.

Number 1 turn off for men: sharing his plans or ideas with a woman, and having her tell him how to do it better or different without him asking.

Number 1 turn off for women: when a man stops caring and asking about how she feels.

Do good or feel good, watch the video below to find out what your priorities are, and how to get sex back into your relationship!

People are often surprised by how simple it is to dramatically improve their dating and relationship results and experience. I share with them that they don't have to be perfect. The person they're with doesn't have to be "the one"— it's about practice. Learning from every experience and interaction. I call it "rehearsal dating." Practice the tips in the video above and let me know how it goes by leaving your questions or comments below.

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PS. Listen, read, or watch — then call. If you've ever had chemistry it can come back. Learn how. It's worth it.

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