What Men Think About Being A Man In Life


It turns out it's not just about having a girlfriend. For men only.

Too much time with a woman can knock out a man's drive, his purpose. He can get lost in his sensual and sexual and binge. Men have to produce to be grounded. Feeling good can be dangerous for a man it gives him a false sense of accomplishment with nothing to show for it. Men do better with satisfaction. Satisfaction with a job well done. This keeps him grounded in his masculine because his purpose is not outside himself; his purpose is his reward.

A masculine energy man won't be as sexy as a feminine energy man because he is focused on what he is doing in the world. A feminine woman won't be as sexy as a masculine woman because she is focused on building relationships versus having sex.

As a man, you're going to have to fight for your masculinity. Every good sense will tell you to suppress it. You'll have to fight to be alone because your woman won't like it; you will have to fight to be yourself because your boss won't like it. You'll have to fight with yourself because you won't trust your creativity.

In essence, you'll fight to be who you truly are. Make no mistake—when you are not on your side, you will take the first easy way out. You'll take the promotion or the pay raise—anything that promises a softer easier way out. However, what you wont be able to take is the insistence inside yourself that you are selling yourself out. If you're lucky, you won't be able to drown this voice out.

At first, there will be signs to trust it. Eventually there will come conviction, and then more signs, inspiration, and clarity of purpose. It takes time and space for your innate wisdom to come through. The wisdom is looking for a channel, The question is, will it be you?

Will you stand pat and watch someone else do it and then say you had that idea, or will you get it done? Jump and the net will appear. The universe needs you to express itself as much as you need it. Be a vessel for the creative flow and you cannot be denied an inspired life. A life worth living is based on the value you give it and based on the value you give yourself. Life will pay you what you think you are worth.

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This article was originally published at James Allen Hanrahan . Reprinted with permission from the author.