Feeling Hot? Pros and Cons Of Sex At Your Place Or His


Sometimes where you start is where you finish.

You want to have sex. The question is where? Lets go over the advantages and disadvantages starting with your place.

Your place. Since you will be at home you may feel more comfortable and in control. This is good news and bad news. The good news is when he leaves your still at home.

The bad news is as the host you will be inclined to take care of him and make him feel comfortable which is fine for a hookup but unfortunately men only fall in love when they give. Read A Life Of Love.

His place. If you're looking for a long term relationship his place is more important. It sets him up to take care of you.

You also get to see how he lives and if he's willing to make room for you in his life. In the long run if you can't see yourself at his place it will be a short run. Read Dating Advice For Alpha Women.

Everything you do sets the tone in a relationship. Your place gets him used to coming and going with no responsibility. You're in control but at what price?

His place or yours may be the difference between whether you're setting the tone for having a hookup or building a long term relationship.

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