Your Single Girlfriends Relationship Advice


Are your girlfriends keeping you single?

When I speak to my clients I have two challenges one is the man they're dating the other is the clients girlfriends. The man is easy because I'm a man and I understand how men think and what to say to them.

The girlfriends are a bigger challenge for the client because they listen to them and ask them for advice when they're vulnerable. Of course their girlfriends are well meaning the problem is they are only hearing one side of the story and their job is to be supportive of their friend.

What typically happens are these typical responses. " I wouldn't put up with that." " He's a jerk" etc. This all may very well be true however it tends to turn the guy into the enemy which is great for bonding relationships with girlfriends but deadly for relationships with men. Once you're convinced he's the enemy he suddenly doesn't do anything right. And you begin to experience the 2nd extremely dangerous relationship killer wanting or demanding more, better and different.

This as result of a great pep talk from a girlfriend leads to another favorite of people about to end a relationship; confrontation.By the time I get the next call we have a full blown problem. Fortunately I'm used to this by now and I can talk you down enough until you are willing to talk with the guy to find a solution.

There are always challenges in relationships the problem is not that they happen. The beauty is in how you solve them. When a guy has upset you but is willing to negotiate with you, to understand you, this is the beginning of a relationship not the end. It's an exciting time because there is a possibility for intimacy and for being who we truly are. In the end isn't that what we all want?

P.S. Girlfriends are great however if you want a man watch Chemistry to Commitment or read A Life Of Love.

P.S.S. For specific challenges with men use personal coaching. Space is limited.