Pick The Right Guy Why Hot Guys Don't Last

Pick The Right Guy Why Hot Guys Don't Last

How to tell the difference between Mr. Right and Mr. Last Night. Find out when you're getting warm.

Men have a temperature gauge. When you meet the right guy you will feel it. The question is how will you feel? If your temperature gauge is set for hot you won't feel anything unless the guy is hot. The trick is to understand what makes a guy hot for you and how to pick the right guy. If he's handsome, smart and successful great however if he's unavailable and doesn't treat you well what appears hot may be touching a wound.

Our wounds are touched when we recognize someone who reminds us of the anxiety or uncertainty of a previous relationship or childhood. If like my childhood your childhood was filled with anxiety and uncertainty when you go to pick the right guy you might not feel anything unless your hot which sets you up to be a norepinephrine aka pain addict.

How do you know you're a pain addict? There are two ways it expresses itself. One if you didn't receive enough love as a child you may require too much love and it burdens people. Read A Life Of Love. Or if things were very unstable in your childhood you may only be turned on by longing for a guy who's unavailable. You will notice this because if for some reason he does become available you are no longer attracted to him. The people who are attracted to you bore you. Read A Life Of Love.

What is hot? Hot is something you can't touch, something you can't hold on to, its the same premise as addiction. We are attracted to a state of being we cannot sustain. Being high is not the problem coming down is the problem. Dealing with the wreckage is the problem. How you pick the right guy is about making different choices. Guys who come on hot rarely last. They do what feels good in the moment.There addicted to the chase and the fantasy of the evening. Frankly they don't even know you.

What's the solution? It's where we set our temperature gauge. Set your love barometer for warm. Warm equals love. If you've ever been loved you will know what I'm talking about. There is no anxiety no uncertainty. Warmth is our ideal temperature it guide us to love. I share this with you now because I've been hot, I've lived hot and I've cried hot. I want you to pick the right guy. I tried warm, I got married... When you're ready try warm. Watch Chemistry To Commitment.

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