George Clooney Got Her A Ring: Now It's Your Turn

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A new old standard has been set. Find out how she did it.

If you're wondering how Amal got her ring from America's number one bachelor the infamous George Clooney and why your guy hasn't gotten around to it. There is one simple answer which I share with my elite clients all the time.

You may say it's because she is so beautiful however I will argue that George Clooney has been with a lot of beautiful women some arguably more beautiful than Amal and that's not it. You might say it's because she intelligent however I'm sure George has also been with a few intelligent women and that's not it.

The real difference, which is the same reason your guy hasn't gotten around to it yet is; she required it. She didn't beg for it, she didn't demand it, there was no ultimatum, she simply required it for George to be with her. Also pay particular attention to the timing. She required the ring before being in a exclusive relationship with him not after. And here is the key.

She was willing not to get it. She was willing to walk away from yes even George Clooney because and please listen carefully she wanted a ring generally from whomever the man was going to be, not specifically from George. And yes she was willing to walk away because although she loves George she does not love him more than herself.

I love this story because it reminds us that men marry virtue. That women make men better men because they require it. As men this is what we want. We want to know that our woman is unique that she brings out the nobility in us that seemingly no one else could. How did Amal get the ring? The answer is quite simple she required it.

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