Cellmate Or Soulmate: Who Are You Dating?

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How will you know you've found the one?

I always encourage people to date at whatever level they can to regain their faith in humanity. We are social creatures; other people heal us. Pain changes us for the better, as it points us in new directions. We are always trading up. Gratitude gives us perspective. Everyone plays their part—the challenge is to be open to the lesson and to have the willingness. I know of no better way to change than dating and relationships. Watch the video below for tips on how to tell the difference between a cellmate and a soulmate.


People are often surprised by how simple it is to dramatically improve their dating results and experience. I share with them that they don't have to be perfect. The person they're with doesn't have to be "the one"—it's about practice. Learning from every experience and interaction. I call it "rehearsal dating". Practice the tips in the video above and let me know how it goes by leaving your questions or comments below.

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