Break Up Advice Before You Leave: Stay And Get The Lesson


She who leaves before the end, repeats the lesson.

It's not who you attract it is who you keep and it's not who you keep it's who you stay with. Because no matter who you decide to keep you will hit your wall and that's a good thing. The art is in how you stay.

You will leave because your good sense will tell you to break up, your friends will tell you to break up, unfortunately this will not get you through your wall. Stay and fight. Some people think fighting is bad I disagree. People who love you will fight with you. They are the way you break down your own walls.

If you're wondering if you should stay with someone, it often has nothing to do with them. Sometimes the lesson is to leave however when your done leaving stay. Love yourself enough to not be afraid of who you are and where you've been. Most people don't dig deep enough and quit right before they hit gold.

Love is freely given but not easily won. When you stay you are committing to yourself and love will commit to you. There is always hesitation there is always distraction on the way home. You will be tempted to start over or to turn back.

Remember how far you have come. Love has not taken you this far to drop you rather it has put you in the exact right place to open beyond your hurt and fear. You are always with the right wrong person until you get the lesson.

You are about to take the missing part of you and replace it in your soul. It will look at you; it will invite you to love, but you may never be in love until you realize who you are up against, your best friend you.

My wife has turned into the worst parts of me. She has embodied me in order for me to get a better view. All my bad traits have found a new home. I guess it's part of the catharsis but how do you argue with someone who says I'm doing what you do?

If you lose momentum in commitment take a step back into courtship. If you think you should change partners and break up, first do all the things you would do with a new partner with your current one. The challenge of being with someone is you can take them for granted, don't be to sure of yourself. If the tables turn you will be in a lot of pain. Stay until you can't stay, until you get the lesson. How do you know when you've gotten the lesson? I can share it best in this video link at minute 3:39  Chemistry lesson of love.

Much love,


Get coaching if you're on the fence about a break up. Love will always challenge you and that's the good news.