Does Living Together Destroy Your Chance Of Marriage?


Yes things happen. Is it happening to you?

You meet a guy. You like him, he likes you. You have chemistry meaning your body's like each other. You never fight or have any problems because you've never talked about any future plans. It's spontaneous. Since you started staying together at his house or your's more often you "naturally" shall I say "organically" are now living together because it's convenient which is great or is it?

You now fit the job description of a wife however that's not your title. In fact you don't have a title when your friends or family ask. Your title is the girl who lives with me or my live in girlfriend which if your fine with it have at it. If something about the situation is bothering you because it's not going anywhere the answer to consider is you are now a free wife.

It's great when you meet someone and you find yourself in a relationship. The challenge is if a man doesn't have a plan before you move in and start doing his laundry and having regular sex with him the odds of getting him to propose are minimal. What for? It's simple frankly. If you want to be married don't sneak in through the back door by being his free wife. Require a commitment and a plan before you go through the front door. Watch Chemistry To Commitment.

Every relationship and every woman deserves a courtship. This is when a man falls in love with you. He has to imagine living with you and come up with a plan to make it happen. That is when he will propose to you. As a woman you may feel that being in love and the feeling you have is enough, nothing else matters. Men are different. Men decide to marry they don't go by feeling. Free sex with a live in girlfriend who didn't require more is not a decision or a plan it's a free wife.

Men marry virtue. They marry women who require them to be better men. If that sounds archaic to you I assure you it's true. The reason I'm married today is not because I'm some great guy. It's because it was required for my wife to live with me. Is this the only way? Of course not. There are always happy accidents however if you've been living with a guy especially over a year who hasn't proposed and feel uncomfortable with where its going please read A Life Of Love.

Marriage for men is all about momentum and a plan. If he loses momentum and doesn't have a plan, you are going nowhere. It's not to late if he really loves you and cares about your honor. The answer is, he will when you do. When you require it. If your ready because you love him but not more than you love yourself learn the 7 agreements and 3 steps men must go through when they commit by watching Chemistry To Commitment and let me know how it goes.

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