5 Reasons Speed Dating Breaks The Online Dating Myth


Somtimes a picture isn't worth a thousand words. Find out what real people are saying.

We are a culture obsessed with perfection. We photoshop our photos and we analyze our profiles for perfect wording in order to create the best possible impression on paper.

The problem is it's still on paper. You can can go through thousands of online profiles and photos looking for the perfect person and still not talk to a single person.

I held my first event as a Los Angeles speed dating event host last week and was shocked when 24 normal, friendly, everyday people showed up. When I first met these people I thought these nice people are never going to find a match. After all, I live in Los Angeles where everyone is either a model or an actor. These people were no where near that level of "perfection."

To my pleasure, these speed dating participants came up with 16 double matches between them. Meaning that 67 percent agreed to speak to each other again! It was especially rewarding to watch one of my male coaching clients come to life and get 2 double matches after being down on himself and not dating for 8 months.

I consider it a victory for humankind and the power of connection that at the end of the day all we really want is to talk and feel connection. I want to congratulate those people who came and thank them for encouraging me to be myself. Morale of the story, in my experience online dating focuses on the myth of perfection and speed dating is for real people who like real people.

Five Reasons Why You Should Speed Date vs. Online Dating!

  1. Speed Dating or Singles Mixers leave no room for catfishing! (Catfishing: the act of deceiving someone you meet online by portraying yourself to be someone you're not). Thankfully, with speed dating, you meet people in person. They don't have a chance to deceive you with a fake profile. What you see is what you get.
  2. You are able to see if there is chemistry right away. Often, what happens with online dating is you may have a good connection online, but chemistry falls flat when you meet in person. You're able to look for compatibility within a person-to-person meeting.
  3. Speed Dating is less superficial than online dating. Online daters, at first, evaluate someone's physical attractiveness, body type and general lifestyle. With speed dating you get the chance to discover your prospects personality as well as the physical.
  4. The participants have paid a fee to attend and usually are professionals with careers and money available for recreational activities. At a free online dating site they may be surfing the web because they have nothing else to do!
  5. No matter what you put on your online profile, you will still get people way out of your desired age range or location sending you messages! The basic speed dating event is targeted to local areas and specific age ranges, so you will not be out of place at an event and know what to expect. 

You can always mix the two: why not invite one (or two) of your online prospects to a speed dating event! If they're in the area. It's a safe way to meet in person!

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This article was originally published at James Allen Hanrahan . Reprinted with permission from the author.