3 Chemicals Your Body Makes On Dates


Wondering how to understand your feelings? It's chemical. Video

We are all a walking chemistry factory.  Everything we do.  Every action we make, affects our chemistry. I’m not talking about chemicals from drugs we take but the ones we make on our own.  It’s the chemicals created in our bodies that directly coincide with dating

Meeting people, falling in and out of love can be quite an exciting thrill seeking ride. Watch the video below to see what chemicals you're making when you date.

Anyone can be surprised at how simple it is to dramatically change and improve your dating experiences.  I like to remind everyone that they don’t have to be perfect dating is all about practice.  So remember the person you’re with doesn’t have to be “the one” it can just be someone. 

Take these opportunities to learn from the experiences and interactions that come with dating which is a process I personally like to call "rehearsal dating." Now practice the tips shown in the video above and make sure to let me know how it goes.  All you have to do is leave any questions or comments below.       

P.S. If you're serious about relationship chemistry and commitment take these tips into consideration.

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This article was originally published at James Allen Hanrahan . Reprinted with permission from the author.