How Sipping A Drink Can Help You Find Love


Contrary to popular belief, a drink can be a great tool for finding a man!

With the holidays coming, social gatherings are sure to be on everyone’s agenda. Instead of wasting time explaining to people why you're single at the next party or night out, grab a drink and tell your favorite pushy acquaintance (or family member) that you’re “workin’ on it." Before we begin, I will mention that many tweets ago, YourTango’s very own Tom, created a hashtag on Twitter that said that #songsthatleadtosex were any songs by War or NWA. Now, maybe "Straight Outta Compton" might not work so well, but I’ll say a little "Why Can’t We Be Friends" attitude is encouraged when we talk about drinking, flirting and “becoming friends.”

This article is dedicated to all the women who wonder just how going to evening hot spots or cocktail parties is supposed to help them get a date. If you’ve ever wondered what drinking could actually bring to the table except you making a fool of yourself then check this out. Let me explain my perspective on decisions you can make in order to get your “going out” have a little more “going on” in the love department. 3 Flirting Moves That Drive Men Wild [Video]

Here are four ways to decide what you want to do and how to treat alcohol as your ally. Choose one or choose them all. I won’t judge and I try to never steer a girl wrong. I promise.

Ask yourself if you want to:

1. Pick up on the quiet guy.

You spot a guy who apparently has no ties, but acts a little shy. Sometimes he’s close, sometimes he’s far, but he always looks appealing. You want to get to know him and even if it turns out that he’s taken, at least you got to talk to a hot guy. Stop over analyzing it and go ahead.
Buy him a drink.
When the server presents him with the drink, he will most likely inquire where it came from. From experience, I can tell you that most servers have mastered the way of nonchalantly announcing a liquid offering from guest to guest, so don’t worry about that. If you catch the guy accepting the drink while looking your way, wave “Hi, how are you?” or lift your own drink in a subtle “cheers” like gesture. If he’s across the room, simultaneously mouth something incomprehensible. After all, you wanted him closer than farther, didn’t you?

2. Chat up a stranger (a good looking one).

You’re a relatively easy-going girl, but people who don't know you can't tell. You love talking to men and women about just about anything, but it hardly ever gets off the ground when it comes to talking to guys you don’t “already know.” You’re not shy; you’re probably just a little extra-selective when it comes to talking to men. Because you don’t want to take the man that belongs to your girlfriend or find yourself in a weird and very “watchable” relationship with any men in your circle of friends, you have to go old-school. When a man walks up next to you, sort of checks you out and offers to buy you a drink.
Let him buy you a drink.
Don’t be afraid to take your guard down. Chat just as you would with your friends and don’t feel like you have to check in with your friends either. Let your friends come to you, if they want, and make introductions. If he likes you, he’ll naturally want to buy you a couple more, but stay sober. The drink’s job is to keep you two talking, not to convince you that he’s the dream guy of the century by way of intoxication. If he can’t handle “just talking” in a public place, let him bounce. If you two can carry on a casual conversation and he doesn’t seem to care about much more than simply talking to you again, then you’ve taken the communication skills that you usually use in your circle of friends, added a drink, and turned it all into a classic pick up! Couples Who Drink Together, Stay Together (Says Study)

3. See if you can make him swoon.

Alright, I’m not going to lie. I sort of had an advantage with this one, being a bartender once upon a time, but any chick can do it. As War would put it,“Spill the Wine.”
Pour him a drink.
If you know he’s single, you two are at a party (especially at the home of one of your good friends who is rooting for you), you’ve made small talk and you’re ready to “take it to the next level,” pour him a glass of wine (or specialty liquor). A sexy-glass plus a sexy-you lets you make up any story you want about how you bought or picked out what’s in the glass. As he's sipping on his drink, he is at best thinking of having another chance to do this with you. At worst, he’s just being polite, but enjoying a nice drink. Polite guys are good to hang out with, so no harm-no foul.

4. Get yourself a little better at swooning.                                                                                                                                                                  

If you’re the type of woman that will openly admit that you just have a hard time falling for any approach a man takes, you can simply serve yourself. You’re too practical to “swoon” over a man. It just doesn’t go down like that for you.                                                                                     Pour yourself a drink.
Don’t rely on the peer pressure of those well meaning friends trying to liquor you up. Those aren’t good friends.  They just want you to be a lush like them! (I'm kidding!) Alcohol is actually a downer, so unless you’re drinking tequila or Corona, remember that your goal is “relaxed” not “amped.” If you need to be more relaxed to stop everything a man does from turning into a mental sandstorm, be my guest, but do it on your own terms. When at a party, insist that you pour your own drinks so that you don’t feel obligated to “accept” too many drinks and get out of control. You will also avoid “turning down good liquor” and being called a stick in the mud. Drink enough to where you feel comfortable and try on some age old “swooning” material. Accept a dance. Accidently (accidently on purpose), touch some of his soft spots like his palm or neck.

There it is. My “sipping for love” manifesto. Check out my post about what your drink says about you and also my girly drink blog on Shine titled easydrinks. Don’t forget to drink responsibly. If you have any questions about these four ideas, feel free to comment.

Do you think that these moves would work for you? Do you think they work for people in relationships as well, and you simply have to replace the “prospect” with your “honey?” Let me know.