Digital Infidelity: Innocent Fun Or Online Affair?

Digital Infidelity: Innocent Fun Or Online Affair? [EXPERT]
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Plus: 3 tips to help prevent e-cheating in your relationship.

Cheating is cheating whether it is done physically or through the means of technology. We all have an understanding of infidelity as a concept and though the definition may have become a bit more evolved, the damage it can do to a relationship remains the same. The Effects Of Infidelity On A Relationship [EXPERT]

Love and trust should be sacred in a relationship. The fact that my client's ex was unwilling to understand why his partner would be upset with his online flirting indicated that he had no intentions of stopping anytime soon.

There is no way to guarantee your partner remains faithful to your relationship, online or in person. You can't control his actions, but you can focus your efforts on strengthening your relationship to ensure that you are both on the same page when it comes to the expectation of fidelity. Here are 3 ways to do just that:

1. Know your truth. What behavior or activity do you associate with cheating? Online flirting, kissing and intimate touches. Everyone has their own opinion and their own level of tolerance regarding what activities are acceptable versus what they consider to be dealbreakers. You should definitely take the time to define this for yourself, so you won't be confused should you find yourself dealing with a case of cheating.

If all else fails, trust your gut. Pay attention to your emotional responses to the subject. If it doesn't feel right to you, then it is a clear indicator that your partner's actions are something you consider cheating.

2. Communicate. Make sure that you discuss your expectations upfront and in detail to make sure your partner understands where you are coming from. This needs to be a two way discussion and both parties need to be in agreement as to what is acceptable outside of the relationship.