5 Gay Guys You Should Consider Dating

5 Gay Guys You Should Consider Dating [EXPERT]
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Don't miss out on love. Date different kinds of men instead.

Shy guys tend to have a lot of pinned-up sexual energy. They may not have a lot to say, but actions louder than words and his mattress tactics may just leave you a little speechless when the deed is done. 4 Tricks To Exude Confidence and Attract More Dates [EXPERT]

4. Nerdy guys are smart and they are committed. If you are looking to settle down, a nerd is probably the most agreeable. They value their relationships and put their boyfriends on pedestals.

Nerds are also also thirsty for knowledge and will pick your brain to get to know your interests. When it comes to sex, they will try anything once. Cue up the role playing.

5. Drag performers are feisty, creative and have a strong sense of friendship. They are family-oriented and know what it entails to really be there for someone.

Unfortunately they often get the short end of the stick when it comes to dating because people forget to separate their performance from the men behind it. Tougher than a lot of "masculine" types out there — after all, they have to dance in six-inch stilettos — these guys will make you laugh, have your back when things get tough and let you cry when needed.

As far as sex goes ... Check out the way they perform on stage and imagine them bringing that same energy to the bedroom. It will give you an idea as to what kind of lovers drag performers can be.

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