Reclaiming Your Vitality - The Journey


Day 3

Day 3 -

I did ok today.  I didn't work out in the morning as I intended, but I did work out.  I did a Jillian Michael's Body Revolution video.  It was VERY challenging and I did want to quit a couple of times.  I didn't.  I made it through.

I ate great during the day.  Oatmeal for breakfast, a lean chicken sandwich with a cup of kale, and fresh strawberries and almonds for a mid afternoon snack.

And then the evening came.  My daughter hadn't done her homework and we had Karate tonight.  Then the usual "what's for diner?" discussion that always feels like something out of bad sitcom episode.  And we had to make a stop to pick up some things she had left at her dads, but he was out of town so we had to go pick up the keys then pick up the stuff.  We get everything done and then I lock us out of the house.  No keys, no karate.  So I have to call a locksmith and spend $150 that would have been served us both to be used elsewhere in the budget.

I hadn't eaten diner yet.  So now came the hard part.  By the time we are settled in, the kitchen is cleaned, she is in her pjs, and all packed up for tomorrow, it's time for me to eat at 9:23 at night.  I'm tired.  I am hungry and I want comfort food.

So I eat a hand full of almonds hoping that will drive some of the hunger away.  It did.  Then I realized that there was nothing in the house I could eat quickly so I make a few slices of turkey bacon and make a sandwich and eat a bowl of cereal.  Now all in all, not horrible.  And I certainly could have done better.  And then it hit me.  I didn't want to do better.

I wanted comfort and I wanted it fast.  I wanted to relax and really enjoy a home cooked meal that was good for me and tasted good too.  And that was at least 30 minutes and several ingredients short of happening.

Again, I realize how much healthy habits are a matter of choice definitely and most certainly a matter of preparation.  Had I had other foods to pick from that I love that were both tasty and healthy, I would have had those.

Not having quick healthy foods in my moment of wanting comfort made me realize even more that often results are a matter of preparedness rather than skill.

So when I make my grocery run tomorrow, you better believe I will be picking up a couple of meals that are quick to be made and comforting to be eaten.

Lastly, I also notice that the reason I didn't work out in the morning was due to a lack of sleep.  I was really tired this am.

So tonight definitely getting to bed by 10.  And since that is 29 minutes from now, I bid you all a Good Night!

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