Reclaiming Your Vitality - The Journey Day 6 Lessons Learned


Day 6 - Lessons Learned

I worked out this morning.  I noticed how much harder it was doing it in the mornings than evenings.  But I made it through!

Today was my cheat day  It's Friday so it's diner and a movie with my daughter.  What I discovered is that fast food smells better than it taste.  And when I eat it I feel disgusting.  I had a horrible quick meal of bad food and I noticed I felt a coating of grease from my throat to my stomach.  It was gross.

So am off fast food.  I just can't take it!

Lesson 1: When you eat bad food, you feel bad.

Besides that, I ate lots of different foods since it was my cheat day.  Not all were bad, but they weren't the best choices I could have made.  And I noticed how very tired I was.  Compared to the rest of the week when ate well and I felt really good, energized. 

Lesson 2:  When you eat good you feel good.

And PMS is just a bitch.

Lesson 3:  PMS is a just a bitch.

The journey continues tomorrow.

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