Reclaiming Your Vitality -The Journey

Reclaiming Your Vitality -The Journey
Love, Self

Day 2

I did yoga today.  I realized how weak and inflexible I've become.  I can remember when the postures where so easy.  And now they are not. Yoga was a good metaphor for what is happening to me, what is happening in life.  Like life, the yoga was challenging.  I noticed my reactions when it got tough, I wanted to ease up in the postures.  Then I realized that like life, you don't have to do it perfectly the first time.  You have to gently lean into it and go as far as you can.  And each time you go just a little bit further.

So that's what I did.  I leaned into it, gently, lovingly, encouraging myself all the way, knowing that each week, it will be better, I will be better, stronger.  And that felt good.  Much better than kicking myself something as small as a yoga posture.

Also I noticed that I eat better when I plan and prepare my meals.  If I leave my meals to chance, I wait until I am so hungry I eat the first thing I see, which is never anything healthy or satisfying.

So tonight, I prepared my health steel cut oatmeal with walnuts, apples and cinnamon.  I purchased a rotisserie chicken and kale for lunch.  I bought fresh fruit and nuts for snacks.  I did a great job at the supermarket and made sure I didn't buy any junk food.  I was pretty proud of myself. :)

Food is the area I am struggling with the most. Hopefully, the foods I've chosen will have me feel so good that I'll be inspired to continue eating well and staying away from the junk food.

Tomorrow, I will be starting (again) Jillian Michaels Body Revolution.  I am looking forward to it.  I am going to be in pain and love every minute of it! Well, maybe not every minute, but I am looking forward to getting fit.

So onward and upward tally-ho!

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