Reclaiming Your Vitality - The Journey Day 4

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Day 4

So, N0, I did not get to bed by 10PM.  More like 11.  I did manage to rouse myself by 5:30AM.  However, to be honest, I just didn’t feel like working out.  I got dressed to work out.  I ate my power bar 15 minutes before my intended workout time slot.  I prepared my sports drink for my work out and then . . . didn’t work out. Sure my mind had a million little tasks that “needed” to be done before my work out and of course I tell myself it’ll only take 5 minutes and then I’ll get right to the video.  But honestly, I just didn’t feel like it.  I was more inspired by all those little tasks than my workout.

This happened yesterday too.  AND what also happened is that I was inspired to work out as soon as I hit the door at 6:30PM last night.  I changed my clothes, put on the video, and got right to it.  It was great!  It felt good, right, easy.  Wow!  It felt easy. 

And maybe that’s the time frame I should shoot for instead of the morning.  I’m realizing, in this process it’s important to trust your body and go with the flow.  If the energy is flows towards activity in the evening, I will honor that.  If it flows to activity in the morning I will honor that.  It makes the process so much easier than forcing myself to exercise a certain time of the day.  The key is doing it every day no matter what.  And if I do it when it feels good, it’s easy!  And I get so much more out of the workout!

I also noticed, if I honor how my body wants to move that feels better too. 

One of my good friends and a Personal Trainer Kiona Leah said, “The best work out, is the one you will do.” 

On Saturday, I wanted to do something fun.  I didn’t have time for Zumba – which I love, but I had Shawn T’s Hip Hop Abs.  It was fun and funny!  I could not stop laughing at some of his antics!  And I gave it 100% because I was feeding the energy of the moment, fun!

It seems like doing JMs Body Revolution feels easier on my body in the evening.  That workout is challenging for me right now and I notice have more to give to it in the evenings rather than first thing in the morning.  So I will trust my body and go with the flow, there as well.

And I pulled out all my videos and organized them so I would have some variety.  I can’t stand doing the same thing over and over.  So I am trusting the energy and flowing with the workouts that feel good.

Vitality is not just about being fit or losing weight.  It’s about feeling good, energized, radiant.  And when I flow with what my body is telling me there is something that feels right and easy about that.  And right and easy feel good.  And they look good on me too. :)

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