Day 20: So What's Vitality Got to Do With Dating

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Reclaiming Your Vitality - The Journey

So here's the thing ladies . . . if you don't feel good about yourself, you will not feel good about a man or any relationship you create.  You will not value yourself and what you have to offer.  You will accept poor behavior because you do not feel good about you.  You do not feel you deserve to be treated well.

Vitality is not just about looking good, it's about feeling vital from the inside out.  Feeling the vital energy of your femininity.  Knowing you are a radiant beautiful creature who doesn't deserve second class treatment from anyone.

That belief that feeling has to come from you.  And when it does, your dating life WILL CHANGE.  You won't attract bums, losers, men who want to hit it and quit it.  Well ok, you might.  There are always those kinds of people hanging around, but the percentage will be much lower, AND more importantly, you will spot them a mile a way.  You'll know when someone is an emotional vampire or a financial leech, or a manipulative bastard.

Vitality is a deep sense of self.  It's being in love with you the whole you and nothing but the real you.  When you are confident and value yourself, your worth, your brand of beauty, femininity, and radiance, there just some crap you will not put up with.  There are some behaviors that will be unacceptable the first time.  And not from an place of arrogance or bitchy "I'm the shit mentality."  From that place of timeless value as another living soul.  A knowing that "I deserve to be loved, cherished, adored warts and all."

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