Day 19: I Call a Do Over

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Reclaiming Your Vitality - The Journey

One of the best things in life is that you can take any day, and call a "do-over"!  Remember when we were kids and you'd started something, then mess up, you would yell "do-over!"

As adults we get a do-over every day called "tomorrow."  If you're lucky you get a tomorrow every day.  You get this amazing gift, a second chance, another shot, to be a better human being.  Every morning at 12 am, or 5am or 3pm when ever your tomorrow starts, you have another opportunity to be a better human being for yourself, for your family, for this planet.

Today, was an interesting day.  It had lots of ups and downs, I got up early and had quiet time;  I had a great breakfast; ate terribly for lunch and diner, got 9 hours of sleep.  It had moments where I felt, "Yes, I am on the path!" And other moments where I felt I'm hungry and this is available what a bummer.

I had mixed emotions all day riding this roller coaster of "I'm good, now I'm bad" thinking. Then I just thought I'm human.  One bad meal does not make difference in the scheme of things and I can and will do better tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will give myself what I did not give myself today.  Freedom.  Acceptance.  The freedom to choose well.  The freedom to take care of myself in the moment.  And the acceptance of my choices as choices, not the heart and soul of who I am as a human being.

So instead of allowing my choices to define who I am tomorrow, I will let my heart, soul define who I am.  Tomorrow I get to chose based upon my commitments not ego driven desires in the moment.  I also know this is a new muscle I am flexing and it will take time to develop.  So I will accept my place on this journey.  I will accept myself as I am right now know that each day, I get a "do-over" a chance to be better.  And each day I am committed to being better.  Each day I am gifted with a tomorrow, I get to privilege of taking myself, my dreams higher, my soul deeper, my heart open wider.  And that my friends, is a tomorrow worth waking up to.

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