Day 16 & 17 - This is Gonna Take Something


Reclaiming Your Vitality - The Journey

So I had an appointment with the nutritionist today.  Yeah . . . this is gonna take something.  Something I am not sure I have when it comes to food. . . discipline.   I have the discipline to work out every day, but having the discipline to weigh and measure food portions and beverages, feels complicated, regimented, meticulous.  Three things I have no interest in becoming.

I am officially outside of my comfort zone.  Plus, I hate the thought of giving up strawberry pancakes on Sunday.  Yes, I know I don't really have to give them up, I just have to make them healthy, but the lack of health is what made them so tasty.

Knowing this was coming, I think I've been a bit indulgent with my meals.  I"ve not gone totally off the deep end and eat fast food, but I did have a few of my favorites including pizza, corn muffins, chicken and rice (it was brown rice), Sherbert with Rice Krispies, Snack Well cookies, some multigrain tortilla chips, and I've had "a few" townhouse crackers.  Not horrible, but definitely too many carbs, sugar, and salt compared to what I will be required to eat on this new eating plan.

And the funny thing is, it won't even be a diet.  It will simply be eating the appropriate servings of foods from the appropriate groups.  Again, this is going to take something.

I've done all the easy stuff.  I've had all of my required check ups.  I've scheduled myself for physical therapy to deal with my neck issues.  I am taking the acid reflux medicine (I still feel like that might be bogus, but we'll see in 30 days).  I've gotten new contacts, and seen the dentist.  I've acquired new work out videos, and figured out how to effectively spread out my Zumba Groupon so I can add variety to my workouts.  I'm working out every day for 30 minutes sometimes more than that.

Now is where the rubber meets the road.  I would say a at least 50% of good health is what you feed your body.  Food, supplements, water, it all matters.  You can eat off a workout in one meal, so it's not about just doing exercise.  It's about staying in balance emotionally and spiritually so you don't over eat in the first place.  It's about making time for good food, good meals, good company, when eating.  It's about staying physical and feeding your body the right mix of foods so that it's easy to workout and you feel amazing.

And still knowing this, I also know this is my Achilles Heel.  So for those of you who know me personally feel free to reach out and encourage me.  For those of you who want to know me, I'd love words of wisdom and support.  The best thing about this journey has been not doing it alone.  And this is where I will really need as many positive vibes as I can summon.

In return, I will share recipes, referrals to practitioners, workout routines, and my good intentions and vibes for you all as well.  And don't forget to let me know if you are interested in forming a support group.  The more of us combining our efforts and supporting one another towards vitality, the better.

I look forward and fear embracing this last hurdle of discipline.  Watch my FB and Twitter for reports of amazing feats with food, and more likely my crushing defeats and rebounds.  Part of being on the journey is know that it won't all be a cake walk.  We all fall down.  It's making the commitment to get back up again that counts!

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