How to Date After Divorce

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5 tips to help you feel confident and start dating again.

"Tell me I’ll never have to be "out-there" again!"  I’m sure when you married or lived with your lover, you made similar promises and platitudes to one another.  And as much as this promise was made with the full intention to fulfill on it, as of today you are "out there" . . . again.

Not to fear!  It doesn’t have to be all bad if you approach it with a sense of exploration and fun.  Dating can be an adventure.  It can be fun, exciting – a sexy, sensual experience.  And dating in your late 30s and in your 40s is vastly different than dating in your 20s and early 30s.  I like to refer to that as the invincible age – but that’s another article.  Then you probably didn’t give much thought to who you dated or even what you did.  But for some of us at this point in our lives the game has changed.  Or has it?  What you are looking for may have changed, but dating can still be the “good time” it was back in the day.

The key is to approach this as you would any social activity.  Much of time there is so much weight on the outcome, you can’t even enjoy the process.  And to enjoy the process here are 5 tips to help you get the most of out of being back "out-there."

1. Decide if you are really ready  If you are still nursing the hurt over your divorce, or break up, you are not ready.  We’ve all had that dating experience at some point in our lives where we sit across from that person who is still wallowing over an ex.  It is neither fun, nor pretty.  Sometimes it’s been down-right depressing, or even embarrassing if you were the person doing the wallowing.  How will you know you are ready?  When you think about the possibility of a new relationship more than you think about the pain of the past. Keep reading...

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