8 Lessons I Learned Reclaiming My Vitality


Reclaiming Your Vitality - The Journey

No I didn't forget to write.  I had a minor computer problem that has since been remedied.  However, it was just another example of how if you don't take care of something, that something won't take care of you.

Some lessons learned . . .

Good Health is a lifestyle, not an event.  So many of us try to lose weight, stay in shape, get to our annual checkups etc.  Most of us deal with these activities like events in time.  This “summer” I am going to lose weight.  For the next “30 days” I won’t eat carbs.  I’m giving up soda for “lent”.  Good health and vitality is not an event.  Is a day-in-day-out moment by moment commitment to yourself, to your mind, body, and spirit to do what will serve your overall well-being in the moment and long term.  You don’t have to be perfect at it all the time, but you do have to live you life with that as the premise all the time.  Spending 335 days of year eating crap and doing a 30 day fast and exercise blitzkrieg isn’t going cut it in the long run!

You have to do your own work.  You can get a nutritionist, a personal trainer, a shaman, a prayer warrior, or a physician, power partners, and master minds to support you.  And in the end, there is no getting around it – you have to do your own work.  You have to get active, eat well, get rest, and engage your health care professionals.  They can guide you, encourage you, and cheer you on, but they can’t do it for you.  You’ve got to do your own work. 

Garbage in Garbage out!   I doesn’t matter how physical you are, as you age, your body composition, muscle mass, chemistry changes.  If you do not eat appropriately, no amount of physical exercise will counter act the effects of poor eating, and maintenance.  If you do not eat properly, and avoid excess caffeine, alcohol, drugs legal or illegal, your body will fail you!  Maybe not today, maybe not even tomorrow, but at some point and it’s usually a hard crash and sometimes recovery is not an option.

Feeling Good IN Your Body is as Important as Feeling Good ABOUT Your Body: You can look like a million bucks and feel totally bankrupt on the inside.  I'm a pretty confident individual. I'm comfortable with most things about myself. And the few things I’ve been uncomfortable with, I’ve worked on, changed, or accepted over time. What prompted this journey was not feeling good in my body – feeling uncomfortable in my own skin. I felt tired, tight, bloated, sluggish and I was in pain. Self-confidence can only carry you so far. If you aren’t feeling good, I don’t care how good you look, it shows.  And even if it doesn’t show you feel it.  And when you feel bad, you look bad, and you perform poorly.  You can ask anyone, I don't care how much money you have, how great your relationship is, how much you love our life, if you don't feel well physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, your life sux!

Antivirus Protection is Key! My computer was infected with a really nasty virus toward the end of this 30 day vitality challenge. And I mean it was nasty. Locked up my internet completely and was on the verge of damaging files, and stealing data. Yes, it was very frustrating and scary. AND all of this could have been prevented had I kept up today with my antivirus software. I let it lapse for about 2 years. Morale of the story, if you don’t take care of your self, your self won’t take care of you.  A trip to the best buy could have saved me days of anxiety, time, and money.  And a trip to the doctor, taking supplements, or other practice can do the same for you.

Sleep – Get More of It! - No wonder all those damsels were always sleeping. It works! When you don’t get enough sleep, nothing works or at least it doesn’t work properly. Sleep it’s nature’s miracle drug.  You look better, feel better, your mind is sharper, you have more energy and your systems function properly.  Lack of sleep sends your body into a high stress mode.  Prolonged lack of sleep keeps your body in a high stress mode.  And no one is vital or healthy under constant stress and pressure.

Exercise – Do I really need to say anything here. It’s important. We all know it. Just do it.

Don’t Give Up!  I was discouraged many times on this journey and some days I still am.  Some days I still don’t want to work out.  Some days, I want pizza instead of grilled chicken and vegetables.  And like all things, it passes.  What has inspired me is feeling better IN my body, more energized, lighter, healthier.  I feel rested and my mind feels clearer and sharper.  I feel powerful because I’ve taken charge of an area of this area in my life.  There were days when I wanted to cry.  I felt sad looking at what I was up against.  And I just promised myself that all I had to worry about was today, really just this moment and in this moment I was ok.  Even when faced with bad news regarding some of my test results, I am just taking each issue one day at a time, one workout at a time, one meal at time, one follow up visit at a time. 

This is a life style change.  It will always be a journey.  Each year as we age our bodies are changed.  I am not the same woman I was at 20 or 30.  I’m not even the same woman I was 30 days ago.  All I can do is deal with this moment.  And I am committed to making each moment count.  I am committed to being as physically healthy and fit, mentally sound and well, and as spiritually grounded and balanced as I can be in this moment. 

And in this moment, I feel pretty good.

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