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6-10 years


Cave Creek AZ 85331 - United States



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Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Relationship Coach, Wellness Coach



I Believe

Helping you Explore and Manifest your Fullest Potential.

About Andrew and Laura Zaplitny

Andrew Zaplitny

Andrew is committed to helping individuals and businesses manifest their fullest potential. Whether increasing bottom-line profitability, productivity, a higher sense of fulfillment & joy, harmony, or deeper meaning & understanding, Andrew believes that the key to any success lies in expanding the understanding of our Self, our individual purpose, and the relationships that we have with every aspect of our experience. For him Coaching is a joyful calling & a way of life, not merely a job.

As a Mars Venus Success Coach, Andrew brings a wealth of experience, training and practical wisdom to the fold.

Professionally, Andrew is a seasoned professional with a BS in Real Estate Finance, MBA studies in Marketing, Entrepreneurship & Human Resources, multiple certifications, and more than two decades of front-line, management, and consulting experience across multiple industries and disciplines. Trained by some of the most prestigious names in Management Consulting (Cap Gemini America, Ernst & Young LLP, SAP America), Andrew has had the pleasure of working with a host of America’s top businesses including Citibank, Roadway, Allstate, Virginia Power, Catholic Healthcare West Shared Business Services, Delta Technologies, SAIC, Microsoft, and Wells Fargo. And, he has also had the pleasure of working with small businesses and non-for profit organizations, giving him incredible breadth & width in his experience. Having been involved in Change Management, Business Process Reengineering, Team Building and Systems Implementations, Andrew is no stranger to helping businesses evaluate, plan and implement beneficial, rewarding & highly profitable changes.

In 2004, Andrew broadened his horizons, trained, embracing change, recognizing the deeper needs of those he came in contact with, and pursued his calling as a Transpersonal Relationship Coach & Integrative Health Practitioner, creating a private practice hand-in-hand with his beloved Laura at InnerDiscoveries. Even though holistic, natural, and integrative methods & approaches to health & self-improvement were always part of their interests, it now became a way of life. And, the value and transformational power of coaching became undeniable.

Having been in a loving relationship with his beloved wife Laura for more than 24 years, Andrew was no stranger to John Gray Ph.D. and the book “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus”. In the early 1990’s, this was the work that truly opened a new dimension of understanding and communication in his evolving relationship with his beloved, establishing a solid foundation that lasts to this day and helps them through the trials & joys of their unfolding journey, adding the dimensions of honesty & openness that have allowed them to experience themselves, others and life more fully.

Understanding the worth, and feeling the ongoing resonance with John Gray’s work, Andrew joined the Mars Venus Coaching organization in 2009 to add greater value and support to his expanding clientele. Andrew understands the need to weave the experiences & knowledge of Conscious Living with those of a greater audience in business, allowing for Conscious Business practices to be brought to the forefront at this unprecedented time of change. His vision is to bring action into alignment with
a masterful blend of conscious intent, transformational knowledge and inner wisdom.

It is with this unique combination of experience, training, insight and unique practical application that Andrew Zaplitny facilitates profound changes for those ready for major shifts in their experience. Whether business, executive, group/team, couple, non-traditional relationship, or individual coaching, you can be reassured that you will engage with a professional committed to service, profound change and deep understanding.

If you have read this far, it is clear that you feel resonance. There is no coincidence, only
synchronicity in that you have been brought here at this place and time, beckoning you to action. So, if you are ready for a shift to greater abundance, fulfillment, joy, and meaning,

Laura Zaplitny

Laura’s first exposure to coaching was back in 2004 as she began to make the mind body connection. Laura left the corporate world to continue building and running her own holistic practice as an Integrative Health Practitioner begun in 2004. Laura firmly believes restoring balance to the mind, body, and spirit, are essential to a holistic treatment plan. Through deep listening, compassionate reverence, and holding a sacred space for the body’s innate wisdom, health can be expressed to its full vitality.

Laura is honored, privileged, and grateful to work with both men and women from all over the world with some very real issues such as job loss issues due to outsourcing and reduction in staff, insecurity, low self esteem, procrastination, starting over after divorce, discovering yourself after raising your kids and discovering You through some of life’s most challenging situations.

It’s often said, “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger”. However, knowing the saying and living it are two very different things. We become intimately familiar with the saying when we are catapulted into an unknown circumstance. A coach can walk us through the process and help us see the situation with new eyes and a new perspective.

In time, Laura came to realize that her real passion was in being of service to others. Laura is active in her practice assisting her clients in reaching their full potential one at a time. Her passion for helping others is what ultimately led her to Mars Venus Coaching.

Laura is a long-time fan of best-selling author and speaker, John Gray, Ph.D., and has followed his work since the 90’s, and was so impressed with the results she experienced, that she decided to become a coach herself. Mars Venus Coaching was the best fit. It offered the most comprehensive coaching philosophy as well as the most comprehensive training and ongoing support for coaches.

Laura’s holistic background and experience working with clients, education (BS in Real Estate Finance & Human Resource Management, Post Undergraduate Certifications, MS in Human Resource Management, and training in numerous other non-traditional disciplines), decades of work experience (ranging from small business, to Fortune 500 companies and a top-tier management consulting firm), understanding of gender differences, and her passion for being of service, uniquely qualifies Laura to assist individuals, couples, groups, professionals, executives and business owners
in attaining their personal, life and career goals while creating practical & fulfilling work/life balance.

“You get the best effort from others not by lighting a fire beneath them, but by building a fire within.” - Bob Nelson

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