Quick Weight Loss Fix


Facts About The Weight Loss Industry

Gelsie F. Lessig, RD,LD

Quick Weight Loss Fix

Are you struggling with weight issues? Most accomplishments in life take time, right? Yet all of us are of the mind set that weight loss should be quick.  We think if we follow the latest trend that surely we will get rid of the extra weight we are carrying around.

Weight loss trends are a dime a dozen.


But do you always check the credentials of the person who wrote the book? Did they go to school to learn about nutrition and psychology?  Are they in a position to give advice?

Do you know the weight loss industry is more than a 20 billion dollar a year industry--yes, with a B?  Do you know that the most successful weight loss program in the United States only has a six% success rate after six years?  Not so good!!

I just went to a conference on diabetes.  The new stats:  68% of Americans are overweight, 36% are obese, and one out of three American children can expect to have diabetes in their lifetime!  Wow!

Why are we failing so miserably?  My thought is that there is no new education here!

I had a patient who was 420 pounds and a newly diagnosed diabetic.  He told me he refused to eat carbohydrates although he knew as a diabetic he needed to eat carbohydrates.   Even so, he insisted the only diet that worked for him was one low in carbs. I asked him, “With all due respect you are 420 pounds.  Did it work?”

He was quite shocked and said, “I never thought of it like that.”


Do you mindlessly follow the same diet over and over again?

Food for Thought!