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Losing weight is an inside job.  Most any diet will work for weight loss alone, but if you are looking for permanent change you must consider what's going on between your ears.  We can help with that so you can get off the dieting roller coaster once and for all.

About INLIGHTEN Food For Thought

Are you struggling with weight? Is it affecting your self-esteem and maybe even your relationship? If so, it may not be your fault. Perhaps you have tried all the latest diets and some of the old ones multiple times.  You have scheduled regular food deliveries to your door and you are an expert at counting points. You have eaten like a cave man and still the weight lingers.  Or maybe you have been successful at losing weight but always seem to gain it back.  What are you doing wrong?  It can be so frustrating to feel you are doing everything right only to end up right back at square one.  You know the old saying, that if you keep doing the same thing over and over again, you get the same results.  

Have you considered that the problem could be that no one has taught you what to do once the "diet" is over? For example, do you feel deprived when you are dieting?  And do you know that deprivation leads to bingeing---always? Yes, ALWAYS. Has anyone taught you about mindful eating or savoring your food?  These concepts and others, once learned, will be the key to your success at long-term and permanent weight loss. Home food deliveries and counting points do not you teach anything about maintaining weight loss over time. If you haven't learned anything new, you will go back to your old habits. It's just a matter of time.

Inlighten's Food for Thought: I Just Ate So Why Am I Still Hungry? is a powerful handbook and the first of it's kind because it addresses the psychological component of weight loss, as well as the nutrition and exercise components. It is written by professionals, Dr. Beverly Bird and Registered Dietitian, Gelsie Lessig, who feel it is time for people to have the right tools to be successful.  They are tired of the 20 billion dollar a year weight loss industry that has people running in circles.  Dr. Bird is a professional counselor and has been working with people who struggle with compulsive eating and weight issues for many years.  Gelsie Lessig, RD. LD, has been a dietitian for more than forty years and has helped many people lose a significant amount of weight using methods that have weathered the test of time. There are no gimmicks, no hype-just sound professional advice.

Can you imagine losing weight and never gaining it back?  Can you imagine giving yourself permission to have a bad day rather than saying you are bad? Can you imagine being on a weight loss program and being able to eat chocolate or attend a wedding and not feel guilty about having a piece of cake?  These are just some of the ideas you will learn in this breakthrough book.  Love the way you eat and never diet again.  To actualy have the last diet you will ever need and love yourself and relationship with food, Food for Thought: I Just Ate So Why Am I Still Hungry? is the way to go.  

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