Make Stress Your Friend in Getting Pregnant!


Both men and women are significantly affected by stress on the road to conception and pregnancy. Today we know that your body's function is impacted by stress. Humans only need to think about a stressful event in order to trigger the stress response in the body. Then we get knocked off balance, and a whole cascade of physiological responses take place.

In women, stress hormones block the release of progesterone. Uterine walls don't thicken and it's less likely that a fertilized egg implants there. There is also a decrease of the luteinizing hormone which stimulates estrogen relase, needed for fertilization.

Chronic stress reduces libido. Sex is less pleasurable when pleasure-producing hormones are diminished. Reproduction-related hormones in your bloodstream are reduced by stress.

Men's reproductive systems are vulnerable to stress also. Testosterone levels go down, and erectile dysfunction may become an issue. Stress actually can shut down the reproductive system.

Exercise, good nutrition, and a solid support system are all valuable rsources to counter stress. Flexibility is another great plus in stress management.

HypnoFertility is a comprehensive program offering significant stress reduction, along with practical ways to change your stress profile. In combination with in-depth, personalized support, your conception, pregnancy, and birth are optimized in the best ways possible.