Why are you hiding?

Heartbreak, Self

Just the other day, I was cooking and decided that an onion was needed to complete a dish and give it that delicious flavor that I desired. Cooking is not my strongest point. I hadn’t cooked nor used an onion in a while so had forgotten about the stinging eyes and the tears. Excitedly, I started the process of removing the onion peel. As I progressed, using the onion became more of a chore because my eyes started stinging and tears started falling. I had to stop and start many times before the chopping of the onion was complete. While the meal was cooking, I started to reflect on the experience of chopping the onion and life.

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to remove the outermost layer of an onion? This is done with little or no tears. As you continue to peel the onion, going deeper and deeper the more tears you shed. When you purchase the onion, it is whole and looks like a beautiful package and you are already planning how you will use it. The dishes you will make and how good the food will taste. You don’t think about the stinging eyes and the flowing tears as a result of cutting into this perfect package.

Many times, life is like an onion. The top layer is perfectly groomed, designer clothes, superbly coiffed and stunning to the world. No one but you knows that this is covering all of the emotional and physical hurts throughout the years. On this layer, you are able to laugh and fight back the tears. No one knows that sometimes you feel like a fraud and there is a small voice inside whispering “you’re not enough”. Aren't you ready to be free of all that pain? Peeling away the layers, getting 'naked' and taking a deep look into your inner most being helps to begin the healing that relieves the pain.

Every now and then something comes along and a little nick gets into the top layer and tears begin to flow. You ask yourself, “What’s going on?” “This is not like me, I never cry”. Remember the onion; let the tears flow as you look deeper into yourself to find the source and deal with it knowing how good you will feel in the end.

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