Self Care for Summer

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Caring is a natural feeling. . Pay special attention to the little things you do that pampers you.

Can you believe that it is the middle of the year! Summer is upon us and it is hot, hot, hot! I remember the summers of my youth in North Carolina, with no air conditioning, with fans in the ceiling and window. Staying inside wasn’t an option so I spent many days outside on the porch or running up and down the street.

Looking back on it, summer didn’t seem as hot then. We’d have ice water and sometimes lemonade to keep us cool. The living was easy!

Is it because I’m a woman of a certain age that it seems hotter? Could it be that my frequent personal summers contribute to the overall feeling of being hot? You know what I’m talking about, suddenly, out of nowhere my body heats up from the inside out. Sweat rolls from places that I can’t mention in mixed company!

Ice water and sugary sweet lemonade alone no longer cool me, it takes massive lowering of the air conditioner, ceiling fans on high and sitting quietly until the sweat stops.

So knowing all of this, I’ve decided to take time for pampering me this summer. I invite you to join me in treating yourself well; to consciously engage in self-care.

Caring is a natural feeling. Today with the emphasis on ‘going green’, how are you caring about the planet? Realizing that we are all connected is the first step to caring for our world. However, the first step in taking care of the planet is to take care of you.

When was the last time you pampered yourself? You could treat yourself to a long, lazy, luxurious bath. Use your most expensive bubble bath. Have your mate soap you all over while you sensually lend into him. Feel the juicy, tingling sensation of connecting.

Just as the sun begins to set, take a short walk in the park. Deeply inhale the smells of summer as you notice the colors of the deep green shade of the leaves and azure sky. Allow your body to relax as you are walk swinging your arm to a rhythm only you hear.

Light your favorite scented candle and sit quietly in your bedroom reading a delicious book. Enjoy the aroma from scented candles floating as a backdrop around you. Of course, you can think of many other ways to pamper yourself.

Take it one day at a time. Just for today, pay special attention to the little things you do that pampers you. Then think about the one little thing you can do to care for the planet. Make a conscious choice to participate in caring for yourself first! Stay cool!

The perfect man of old looked after himself first before looking to help others. ~Chuang Tzu