Reclaim your orgasmic birthright!

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Research and studies continue that say one third of women have never experienced orgasm!

I was listening to Alicia Keys, “A Woman’s Worth” and heard “a man always comes first”. Even though Alicia is one of my favorite artists, I disagree with that statement. It’s my belief and experience that a man makes sure that the woman is taken care of prior to coming.  Of course it helps it the woman is thoroughly involved.

Much research has been done and studies continue that say one third of women have never experienced an orgasm! In one study for example, women were given Testosterone patches. One participant wearing the patch experienced such intense libido that she wanted to “jump” her cousin at a wedding. This intense feeling transferred over to her husband which significantly increased their relationship. The researcher later unveiled that this woman was wearing a placebo!

It is clear that in this study, the woman already had it in her to experience intense libido. Wearing the patch gave her permission to release it. What do you think would be the difference in your life if you believe that it is up to you to give yourself permission to experience high libido and ultimate orgasms?

Are you thinking about the ‘flab’ in your hips, the sag in your breast or the cellulite in your thighs? Much of what you think and say to yourself hinders you from experiencing the deepest, most powerful feeling you can have.

I believe that having an orgasm is a woman’s birthright. It is inherent, intrinsic and ultimately a gift received at birth. A woman having an orgasm that travels from her toes throughout her body through her crown chakra experiences bliss. It is my belief that in this state of bliss you become one with Source. Reaching this state of bliss requires that you are totally involved in the experience, that you suspend judgments, and that you trust your partner.

Having that said, I’m not placing all of the blame on the men for the lack of women experiencing orgasms. Women must take the responsibility to express by word or action in a loving way to their partner their likes and dislikes. It’s okay to say, “I like it when you touch my breast” or place his hand where you want it or move your body so that he knows you like what he is doing. I’m not advocating being a drill sergeant, I am saying it’s time to take back your birthright and one of the ways to do that is being open with your partner.

Growing up in some environments, especially the south, women are supposed to accept and endure sex but never enjoy! I think that anything one is so intimately involved with ought to be enjoyed. Forget the lessons of yesteryear reclaim your birthright and have fun having and experiencing the depth of orgasms.