Friday is freedom day!

Friday is freedom day!

Is this how you feel on Friday? It’s Friday! Hallelujah! It’s the weekend baby! Isn’t it amazing how good you f eel and the excitement that is generated on Friday? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could feel this good everyday and generate the same kind of excitement and enthusiasm Monday thru Thursday?

You can you know. You can feel good every day no matter what. All it takes is a change in your thinking and an attitude adjustment. As boomers we know how to adjust our attitudes in a nanosecond; especially to something that we perceive as negative! We’ve had far too much practice in that. Using that same technique you can change your attitude to positive and have excitement just as quickly.

When did you learn to give up your joy four days a week? Putting a damper on your joy four days a week is tantamount to suicide. I know this seems rather harsh but living a joyless life for four days in my mind is being the walking dead. You’re moving as if you’re being suffocated by smoke.

This reminds me of growing up with a fireplace. My father would always check to make sure the flue was open and the damper was set properly. Whenever the setting was off, the room would get filled with smoke. So forget all that you’ve learned about hiding your enthusiasm; let it burst forth daily in everything you do and say. Notice the difference in your life. Stop allowing your life to be filled with smoke because you’ve put a damper on your enthusiasm.

Decide to feel good about yourself and create joy everyday! Use your attitude changing ability to blow the smoke away whenever it comes.