Forget About Resolutions And Set Goals Instead1


Does each year end with unmet resolutions and a feeling of being unworthy?

Do you find yourself wondering again this year, why did I bother to make resolutions? Each year draws to a close with unmet resolutions and feelings of depression can soon ensue.

You can make this coming year different with a few easy changes!

It all starts with dreaming! Simply dreaming though does not help in having a successful year. You’ve dreamily made resolutions, writing them down and promptly forgot them. Is it any wonder that many fall by the wayside before the end of January!

Why set goals instead of resolutions? Now here is the difference; when you dream, and then consciously set goals you’re sending signals to your subconscious mind and the Universe that you’re ready for change. Goal setting has magic in it!

The magic of setting goals is very significant; it’s as if you’re waving your wand to ensure success. By setting goals, you’ll know how you’re doing and what you’re doing to create your luxurious amazing life. You know when to relax or if you must double your efforts.

In addition to goal setting, it’s important to have a positive attitude, self-discipline and take action. Writing your goals gives you a blueprint, taking action, even in small steps, helps to guarantee success.

Once you have achieved something, even a little of what you hoped to achieve, then celebrate to keep you motivated. Goal setting can be as simple or as extravagant as you desire.

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When setting goals, be willing to do whatever it takes to achieve them. Whatever you need to get (certifications, education, etc.) be willing to get it in order to create your amazing life you dream of.