Tips To Think In Possibilities


One of the ways of breaking free from those ‘handed down’ thoughts is to set goals.

Everyone, at some point of her life, has dreamed of being somebody special, somebody big. Who hasn't fantasized about being the one who finds the ‘silver bullet’ for weight loss? Who hasn't dreamed of being the homecoming queen? And how many times have we dreamed of being rich, or successful, or happy with our relationships?

Often, we dream big dreams and have great aspirations. Unfortunately, our dreams remain just that – dreams. And our aspirations easily collect dust on the shelves jammed with self-help books.

This is a sad turn of events. Instead of experiencing exciting adventures in creating the life we desire, we get caught up in the dull routine of living from day-to-day just barely existing.

But you know what? You don’t have to just exist! Life could be so much better, if only you knew how.

Knowing how is easier than you think. The first step is setting goals. You neglect to set goals because you immediately think, “it takes too long,” or “it’s impossible.” So, why bother? This is called stinking thinking. Allowing stinking thinking such as “I can't do this”, “It's too hard”, “I’m too old/young”, “It's too impossible”, or “No one can do this” guarantees you continue barely existing.

What if some of the great inventors had used stinking thinking.  Many of the conveniences we use today and take for granted would not have been invented. What would your life be like without air conditioning, inside plumbing, electricity, stop lights, Supermarkets and the list is endless.

The bumblebee is a great example of limitless, breakthrough thinking and adventurous living. Theoretically, scientist said, it was impossible for the bumblebee to fly. Fortunately for the bumblebee, it did not know how to communicate with the scientist! Therefore, it made up its own mind and does the impossible; it flies!

Wouldn’t it be great if we could be like the bumblebee and do the impossible? We can, if only we could remove the “clutter” from all the negatives we’ve heard throughout our lives. “You can’t do that”, “You think you’re better than us”, “It’s never been done in our family”, and the list goes on.

The people who gave you the negatives are the ‘scientist’ in your life. These ‘scientist’ took their self-doubt and self-limiting beliefs (fear) and handed them down to you. Holding on to these handed down beliefs is like wearing hand-me-down clothes. That’s all you can do for now, you ‘have’ to wear them.

BUT you earnestly wish you could have something new; something just for you, something that fits you now!

Something new and fits now is waiting for you. It’s waiting for you to be bold, to imagine the possibilities and unlock your potential. Turn your life around by breaking through your limiting beliefs and self-doubt (fear). You can have; in fact, it’s your birthright to have the life you dream of. I believe if you can dream it, you can have it, be it and do it. It’s entirely up to you!

One of the ways of breaking free from those ‘handed down’ thoughts is to set goals. Set goals that cause you to question those limiting beliefs. Because once you see them for what they really are, (fear) you are on your way to establishing an adventurous life.

Take a piece of paper and write down some goals in your life. Under one header, list down things ‘I know I can do’. Under another header, write the things ‘I might be able to do.’ And under one more, list the things that that are ‘impossible for me to do.’

Every day do something to accomplish at least one of the goals under things ‘I know I can do’. Check them off as you accomplish them. As you check off all of your goals under that heading, start accomplishing the goals under the next header and the next.
The more goals you achieve, your confidence will soar and the easier it will become. You’ll discover that the ‘impossible for me to do’ goals are possible after all. You no longer exist; you now live your adventurous life, amazing life, created by your own design.

So dream on! Think big and do the work to attain those dreams.

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