Argue Online - make Peace in Person


We've all been there. Hellish day at work, hardly time to think, everyone's irritating, and finally you rush home to you delightful loving partner. Who turns into Mr./Ms. Nasty as soon as you walk through the door because they are upset you didn't phone.

Trust Imago Relationships to turn the argument from hell into an online game, complete with an avatar with more hurt feelings than a porcupine.

You get to choose what to say to calm Mr. Prickly. (In this version of the game - your partner is male, enjoy it or use your imagination). But trust Mr. Rather-over-sensitive-if-you-ask-me to take a nice kind invitation to dinner and throw it back in your face. What can you say, so that you can finally get the peace you deserve and that nice partner you remember from this morning back to hear your day's tribulations?

Imago gives some useful hints and guides you to start trying out steps from the "Imago Dialogue", which lies at the heart of all of their programs for couples. You even get to mind-read as Mr. Hell turns into Mr Heaven in response to your well-chosen replies. Turns out he even has quite a story to tell himself.

So why are you still reading this? Try it for yourself at "Home Late Again" is the game described here - but you can also try "My Relationship Story" and learn from a sweet talking young gal how your past might be having more effect on your relationship than you might think.