10 Ways To Help Your Kids Cope With Your Divorce

10 Ways To Help Your Kids Cope With Your Divorce [EXPERT]
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When you and your spouse split, you and your kids must work together.

9. Recognize that we are all enrolled in the giant school known as earth. This transition in your lives is not occurring because there is anything wrong with anyone, it's all about what each of you needs to learn. Focus on your learning and not on judgments, anger, retribution, ideas of rejection, guilt, or victimization. Start to look for what you both may be able to learn both from both the beginning and end of the relationship.

10. Pay attention not to what you want to overcome but what you want to become.  Focus on the life you want to live, the person you want to become, rather than on your problems or failures. Relationships usually end because one or both of the participants has stopped growing; like a crab molting its hard shell, the marriage gets molted so there is more room for everyone to grow. Motherhood & Love: How To Keep Your Main Relationships Fulfilling

If you ever experience divorce, do everything you can to make things go as smoothly as possible, especially for your precious child.

Ilene Dillon, Raise Incredible Kids, has been a California marriage and family counselor for 40 years. Coach, professional speaker, master teacher, author and creator/host of Internet Radio's Full Power Living, Ilene is dedicated to transforming our world through the power and mastery of human emotions. Through her proprietary courses and coaching, Ilene helps parents, kids and others master their emotions, end co-dependence, and consciously live harmoniously with universal Principles. Ilene has lived as a married, single, step, adoptive and grandmother, raising 3 incredible kids who are now raising five more! Join her "Fill the World With Incredible Kids" campaign!