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Questions to ask yourself: Are you considering divorce or ending a relationship? Is your spouse or partner your best friend? Do you want him/her to be? Are you able to openly share your thoughts and feelings with them? Do you want to get back to the loving feelings you once had? Are you worried about the effects that ending a relationship will have on your children? As a professional marriage counselor, coach and consultant I can help you. I have over 15 years years of training and education in various 'best practice' relationship education programs such as Relationship Enhancement (RE), PREPARE/ENRICH, 'The Couples Checkup', and PAIRS, to name a few. I understand the dynamics of relationships and I am dedicated to strengthening marriage if that is what both parties want. Through understanding, education and therapy, I have helped many couples explore their current and past behavior to gain knowledge, build skills and develop new behaviors for lasting change. Unique to my practice is the vast amount of teaching tools and broad experience which has helped me help many couples in all stages of relationships. As a relationship therapist I can help you sort out your difficulties and help you find future happiness in building trust in your self and in the relationships you desire. To schedule your Free 15 minute phone consultation phone: 215-803-8816”


Veronica S. Haggerty, MA., RN is the Administrative Director for the Greater Philadelphia Healthy Marriage Coalition and an Administrative Assistant to a Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) funded 2007 to Council for Relationships of Philadelphia. Ms. Haggerty has been a PAIRS (Practical Applications for Intimate Relationship Skills) consultant and curriculum coordinator to MDRC’s Supporting Healthy Marriage Research project funded by Administration for Children and Family Services (ACF). Additionally Ms. Haggerty has received professional training in PAIRS, PREPARE/ENRICH, Relationship Enhancement, Couples Communication and Mars and Venus Workshops. She has consulted with Esperanza in development of their Marriages of Hope curriculum project. Ms. Haggerty is in private practice, counseling individuals and couples in marriage and family relationships. Earlier experience has been in counseling male adolescents and their families in short term treatment facilities. In addition Ms. Haggerty is a licensed registered nurse and has worked in various health care settings as a Quality Management Coordinator, Admissions Coordinator, Staff Development Educator and Office Manager.