When To Have Sex With The Woman Of Your Dreams


How to define and capture that crucial moment in a relationship with the woman of your dreams.

It's always exciting to meet a woman that you think could possibly be The Woman of Your Dreams. You've been thinking about this event for some time. You've contemplated the way she'd look, how she'd speak, the kind of clothes she'd wear, and especially how she'd kiss and share herself with you. Well, the moment's arrived! She's here in the flesh. She looks a little different than you had pictured; maybe she's a bit shorter or has longer hair. She has a funny way of phrasing things that just makes you smile, and her kisses, well...so when is the right time to bed this once-fantasy woman? Not as quickly as you'd like, if you really want her to stick around past the "sex date".

Many women have emotional hangups about having sex too quickly. They're not sure how this will reflect on their character. Will she be judged a slut, a whore, an easy lay, and be discarded like a used condom? Will she regret it? Will she wish she hadn't done it so soon after meeting someone she barely knows? Does she really want to have sex with this stranger? What would her friends say if they knew? Would they think she should? Will it say she's desperate and lonely?

All these thoughts can go through the mind of your ideal woman. They cloud up her feelings of desire and overcomplicate a moment and experience that should be exciting and fun. But if you don't rush into having sex, many of these passion-killers can be sent spiraling downward, and then her excitement can be enjoyed by both of you. This is a much better outcome than one where you're trying to assure her that you're really into her and aren't just using her because she's available.

Creating an environment of safety is important and can't be done in two seconds. If you want to make a better impression on the Woman of Your Dreams, take the time to let her know you're really interested in her beyond just the physical. Let's be honest, if the physical weren't there, you wouldn't be pursuing her in the first place. But sometimes, women need to be told outright that they're attractive, sexy, desirable, and hot. They like to hear it and they want to hear it, but they don't want to feel like it's an onslaught of pressure to get down and dirty with you moments after you just met.

So if this is the Woman of Your Dreams, why rush into sex? Why not get to know even more about her? By doing this, you're building her confidence in the kind of man you are and how you see her in your life. If you're really serious about her, have some respect for her body and her sexual gift to you. It just makes you more attractive to her in the long run, and isn't that what you're looking for with a woman like this? Why take the chance that she gets the wrong impression of you? Take things a bit slower and you will earn respect from her. She will willingly offer herself when the time is right for her.

Of course, setting the mood and hoping for romance is to be expected. You are wooing her—an old-fashioned term meaning "to sweep her off her feet," hopefully directly into your bed. There's no magic time frame, no special 48-hour sale period that does the trick of cementing you as a quality guy. It's as individual as every woman is unique. You will see signs of her feelings toward you. Take note. Does she shy away when you go in for the kiss? Does she awkwardly move your hand from around her waist? Don't ignore these subtle hints that she's not ready to move forward just yet. This doesn't mean she never will, but only that she's being careful not to extend to you too much "freedom" that she thinks you might somehow misconstrue. She's looking for something from you that says there will be a tomorrow, not just a tonight. If you can make her feel like this isn't just a passing hook-up but something with potential, she will be more than willing and able to let you "in."

The Woman of Your Dreams is special. Don't treat her like every other girl you've dated, or the outcome will be the same: a short-lived romance that goes nowhere fast. Take the time to develop a connection with her beyond the hot kiss goodnight and the groping. A quality woman needs to have her head clear of her own restrictions so she can be free to be who she really wants to be with you. If you are aware of some of her internal battles and you work on helping her put her mind at ease, you will be setting the stage for the romance you want with her at just the right time for both of you. Rushing through the meal just to get to the dessert is what you do at inexpensive restaurants. When you're having a wonderful evening out, a five-star experience, you don't want to rush anything. You want to savor it all, and that's how you need to look at this new relationship with the Woman of Your Dreams: as a beautiful evening out that you don't want to end.

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