Top 10 Reasons Women Do Not Cheat On The Men Of Their Dreams


Do women who have been cheated on really cheat less? Read on to find out!

When I was first presented with the idea for this article, I have to be honest I laughed. Like women don't cheat? The answer is the same as if you were to ask, "Why don't men cheat?" Both men and women cheat. It's not a matter of the gender of the person, it's a matter of the relationship they are in. For every reason someone can or will cheat, there is a reason that would have stopped them.

I asked my husband, "Why don't you cheat on me?" "Because I love you?" he asked. I asked myself why I wouldn't cheat. As I sat there and thought, it was honestly easier for me to think of more reasons why someone would cheat than why she wouldn't. This is probably why more people give up on relationships and just end them, instead of working through the hard times. Or maybe it's not even a hard time, just a dry spell. One thing you have to keep in mind is that you are two different people with two different minds, thoughts, opinions and breaking points. However men view one thing, women will view it another way. Yes, some views will be the same, but not all of them. How you approach these differences will determine if the relationship will last. So, here are my top 10 reasons I believe that some women don’t cheat:

1. A Personal Relationship With God 
When women have a personal relationship with the Lord, they are more likely to believe that God has a divine plan for them, a path laid out that they are simply traveling on, and at the end of this path, "happily ever after" awaits. Now, what kind of "happily ever after" contains a lover who is not your Prince Charming? I am not saying that every woman who has a personal relationship with the Lord doesn't cheat because let's face it, religious people are human, and humans are not perfect.

2. Trust In The Relationship
When you trust the person you're in love with, you're less likely to seek that security that every relationship needs and deserves.

3. Communication
It's easier to talk about the problems in your relationship with your friends than it is to talk with your partner. But women who do express their feelings to their husbands instead of their friends are less likely to seek comfort in others. So if your wife is expressing concerns about problems she's having, be sure to listen to her. It could just save your marriage.

4. Great Sex
Sex can be a wonderful thing, although some people find it hard to express what they do and do not like in the bedroom. Women who are comfortable enough to tell you what they like and don't like are far less likely to satisfy those needs elsewhere. So if a woman is telling you she wants to try something new, or doesn't really like it when you do something, don't take it as an insult. She's trying to stay faithful to you.

5. Security
Money shouldn't be a factor in love, but welcome to 2014, where money can't buy happiness, but it can sure lessen the stress of everyday life. Less stress means fewer fights and higher satisfaction in the relationship. 

6. Picking Your Battles
Every couple is going to have their fights. Deciding what topics are most important and which are not is vital to do early in a relationship. Women are good at doing this subconsciously. There are some things that a lot of women are not willing to back down on, and other things that just aren't worth the fight. I believe that picking your battles plays an important role in keeping your spouse from cheating. If you don't limit yourself on what you will fight over and what you will let go, you will spend more time fighting over small, pointless things.

  • "He didn't change the toilet paper roll when he finished it."
  • "I asked him three times today to take out the trash."
  • "You really sent the girls to school dressed like that?!"

These three are examples from my own marriage. They are small things that could cause major setbacks if turned into something major. They used to really bother me but five years down the road, they kind of make me laugh. I know that he will never change, and why should I want him to? I fell in love with the imperfect man he is. So what if I have to take out the trash, change the toilet paper roll and become extremely embarrassed when I pick up the kids from school? They are small things to let go of when I get to have everything else he gives me. But if a woman didn't pick her battles and didn't let go of the small things, she would fight with her husband, who's never going to change. He wouldn't be happy; she wouldn't be happy. One or both would seek happiness elsewhere.

7. Having Been Cheated On 
Women who have been cheated on know exactly how it feels to be deceived. This makes them less likely to cause the same feelings in another person.

8. Lots Of Laughter 
Women tend to look for a man that can make her laugh. Once she finds one, she is less likely to cheat on him because humor is infectious. When laughter is shared, it binds people together and increases happiness and intimacy. Laughter also triggers healthy physical changes in the body. Humor and laughter strengthen your immune system, boost energy, diminish pain and protect you from the damaging effects of stress.

9. Shared Interests
When you've gone out on a date with a woman, did it ever feel like an interview? This might be because it was. Women have a habit of using dates to interview men as future husbands. When she learns of an interest you share, you move up her list very quickly. These small interests keep women holding on to what's familiar, making them less likely to find it with someone else.

10. Good Parents
Little girls grow up watching their parents, holding onto every memory. Her daddy bringing home roses for her mommy. Every time they got dressed up and went out, just the two of them. Every kiss he placed on her cheek. She grows up spending the rest of her life looking for the love her parents had. A woman raised in a loving household is far less likely to destroy her own. And if she didn't grow up seeing that perfect marriage, she's more likely to want it.

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