Top 10 Attributes The Woman Of Your Dreams Is Looking For

What you need to know about what women want.

7.  Sexy and a good lover. Yes, sure, women want a good provider and someone smart, kind, etc. But, women also want a man who is super-sexy and handles his business in the bedroom. All these things go hand in hand. If those other qualities are present without this key ingredient, there will be a problem. Being sexy doesn’t mean you have killer abs (though it helps) but caring for your body and giving off the kind of energy that lets a woman know you can handle her. The man of any woman’s dreams puts it down in the bedroom, period.

8.  A man’s man. Please don’t confuse this with being hyper-masculine or some sort of chauvinist. But, a woman appreciates a man who can fix things, is willing to take the lead, has problem-solving skills, protects her and kills scary bugs without hesitation. To get the WOYD, strong, able-bodied men who are willing to get their hands dirty need apply.

9.  Mature. Women want a grown man who can handle real-life situations without calling his mother. A man who shows maturity in the way he dresses, handles issues, communicates, decorates his home and the activities he engages in is beyond attractive.  So, in other words, no skinny jeans or sagging, no milk crates as furniture, and let’s keep the video-game-playing to an amount that doesn’t scream, “addicted!”  A high maturity level says to a woman that she has a potential partner instead of a potential child with a mustache.

10.  Loving. Even a strong, beautiful and successful woman ultimately wants to be loved beyond her wildest imagination. Women want a man who shows his love often in word and deed and not just until he seals the deal. If you have issues around being open to giving and receiving love from a wonderful woman, Houston, we have a serious problem!
So, are you MOYD material?  If you can’t say with great certainty that you possess these attributes, then you still have work to do. Don’t fret, though. We’re all works in progress. Get to work on yourself in order to attract that amazing lady. However, if this list sounds like you, you are well on your way to getting the Woman of your Dreams.

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This article was originally published at How To Get The Woman of Your Dreams . Reprinted with permission from the author.