Top 10 Attributes The Woman Of Your Dreams Is Looking For

What you need to know about what women want.

So you want to attract the Woman of your Dreams? Well, like attracts like! If you want a woman who’s beautiful, intelligent, sexy and successful, you have to be the kind of man a woman like this would easily fall for. Are you that man? Do you have what it takes to snag an amazing woman? Let’s hope so. Here are 10 attributes you should be able to check off your list. The man of a woman’s dreams is:

  1. Financially stable and responsible. Keep in mind, fellas, you don’t have to be rich. A good woman will work with you. However, women are looking for good providers and life partners, and that requires having things together in the money department. Do you have a steady job with security? This means it is a career, provides benefits and has room for growth. Do you have a bank account? Are you saving money for the future? Do you pay your bills on time and consistently? Just a few questions to ask yourself. If you want a woman to take you seriously, these things must be in order or quickly moving in that direction.
  2. Intelligent. This does not necessarily mean that you must have a PhD. However, a woman likes a man who is knowledgeable, abreast of current cultural, social and political topics and of course, has a great level of expertise in his field. Do you read things other than sports and fitness magazines? How’s your vocabulary? Women are stimulated by intellect often in the same way men are stimulated by a great rack. So now you know why they say knowledge is power!
  3. Ambitious. A man who works with what he has but is always moving towards being better than he is at this moment, is very desirable. The Woman of your Dreams likely wants to grow together, build a nest egg and reach your fullest potential as a couple. If you lack a fire in your belly that drives you towards growth, you will likely be left behind.
  4. Kind and caring. Being kind and caring differs from being a pushover. A woman doesn’t want a man who allows people to walk all over him or who does too much for people who don’t deserve it. However, to attract a good woman, a man must have a good heart and be willing to do nice things for others, including her. Do you volunteer? Do you help your friends and family when they are in need? Do you care about world issues? Are you sensitive to the needs of others? If not, that amazing woman you want so badly just may pass you by. Nobody has time for assholes.
  5. Confident. Every woman wants a man who believes in himself and his ability to accomplish anything he puts his mind to; a man who goes after what he wants. This is like an aphrodisiac for women. If you don’t believe in yourself, it will be hard for your woman to believe in you.  To attract and keep a confident woman, you must be a man she sees herself in when looking at you.
  6. A gentleman. Women want a man who is respectful and shows a bit of chivalry, without overdoing it, of course. Don’t underestimate the power of opening the door for your woman, giving her your coat when she’s cold, ensuring she’s safe when walking down the street, pumping her gas when you’re in the car together, etc.  This behavior is rare these days and shows a greater level of care by setting the men apart from the boys. Keep Reading...

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This article was originally published at How To Get The Woman of Your Dreams . Reprinted with permission from the author.