Do You Inject Drama Into Your Relationship?


Are you manipulating the WOYD? Should you?

Being in a relationship can be hard enough without your woman loving drama. Not all women like drama, but there are women who feed off chaos. It might not be the ideal way to live, but if you love your girlfriend or wife, you need to learn different ways to inject drama into your relationship—only in this case, the drama ends up becoming an amazing experience. Don't immediately freak out when you do come in contact with a woman who seems to get a kick out of drama. You must stand back and start making a list, so by the end of this article, you will be on the right track to developing a system for drama.

Analyzing Women And Their Behavior

Of course, men always sit on the sidelines watching women and how they act. It can get scary when observing a group of ladies totally entrenched in a conversation that can obviously be labeled drama. Why do women feed on drama? What is it about drama that makes a woman so excited or involved? The crazy part is, women who are drama-free also wonder what the attraction to drama truly is.

Here are examples of women that love drama and why (if it's even possible to understand):

1. Women who are bored like drama. Imagine a woman who goes to work each day, has a limited number of friends, and is a homebody. What excitement does she have? Drama is something she might feed off and love to get involved in. Drama draws her into a new excitement that might give her socialization and something to gossip about. She feels included in something.

2. The gossip queens are always going to be about drama. If a topic or situation doesn't revolve around them, it will by the time the gossiping is over. Why would a woman do this? Habit—she is probably so used to drama, she doesn't realize she is doing it.

3. A busybody will be in everyone's business and ass-high in the drama. This person likes to know everything about everyone and be as nosey as possible. Attention is why this person is a busybody, because she knows people will want to talk to her to get the information, which in turn stirs more drama.

If you have dealt with any of these women, then you can seen firsthand the need for drama and why they might be so entranced by having all of that interaction going on around them. The right approach is how to control or inject new drama that will make the other, energy-wasting drama go away. Be ready to really think outside of the box on this one.

A Hot Drama Injection

The world isn't coming to an end because you realize you are with a woman that thrives on drama. It's time to brainstorm ways to add drama–but the non-invasive kind.

1. Bored-woman drama is a fairly easy fix. The smallest thing will make her forget the bullshit drama she so desperately seeks. Try taking your girlfriend or wife out for a dinner date. You might even offer her a few cocktails to loosen her up. Exposing her to new fun is a great way to give her something new to talk about.

2. Gossip-queen drama needs something really big to overtake the overruling drama. If your woman is into a hobby or sport, then it's time to get some tickets to a live sporting event. This may seem lame, but surprising her with tickets, and some hot freaky time afterward, will be priceless. You have to step up your game when you're with a gossip queen. Out-of-the-blue surprises will make her learn she is your center of attention. All the rest won't matter as much.

3. Changing a drama-filled busybody is like knocking down a brick wall. Understand that she is lacking something to be so fulfilled with other people's lives. It's time to make her life full to the point where she will be too busy to give a shit what other people are doing. A new family hobby or planning a huge vacation are ways to get her focused on new drama.

As you can see, there are most certainly different ways of adding safe and helpful drama into a woman's life. Almost every woman you will ever meet is going to have some form of drama in her life. The goal to handling it is to really sit down and observe the behavior, then find something able to detour the drama into a new kind of productivity. Seriously, the drama of finding a five-star hotel on an international trip is much more appealing than hearing about the neighbor’s son getting into trouble by dating a much-older woman. Even though this drama might be riddled with sins, it's not the kind of drama you want in a relationship.

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