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How Important Is Oral Sex For A Woman In A Relationship? Part II

How Important Is Oral Sex For A Woman In A Relationship

Foreplay is important. Do not just start messing around on her most sensitive areas. You need to start slowly, build anticipation and build the desire. You almost want her begging for your tongue and mouth on her magic spot. A little bit of teasing is a good thing Men, it keeps her guessing, and things won’t become predictable. Kissing, caressing, telling her you want her--all these things come into play and allow her to open up and enjoy herself more, and in return will allow you to have more pleasure as well. No one is going to enjoy oral sex if you and/or your partner are nervous, worried, insecure or anything else. Take your time. You like when she takes her time pleasing your manhood. Oral sex is not a race to see how fast you can make her reach orgasm but about how much you can please her, how strong you can make her orgasms and if she has multiple orgasms. So by taking your time with foreplay and paying close attention to her reactions to your touches, kisses and the way you pleasure her, you can blow her mind.

Just remember, men, you love oral sex. It makes you feel good, sexy, desired, pleased, etc. The same goes for a woman, and if you learn what she likes, keep it new and not predictable, let her know you enjoy what you are doing to her and keep her cumming, she will not feel like it’s a chore but will want to make you feel as good as you made her feel. And that, my friend, will make both of your sex lives much better.

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