How Do You Detect a Woman Who Is A Relationship Manipulator?


What is really on her mind concerning men and the role they play in her life?

Dating is hard enough, but when you know there are types of women you have to watch out for, you can almost think twice about it. When you join a dating site or you are out at night in a bar or club, most likely you will meet a few nice women out having a good time. How do you determine which women are genuine?  It can be hard, because the women that have become street-smart and manipulative have skills for days. Those skills have been built up to a level that can be almost scary. Manipulating men and using them for everything they are worth have been these type of females’ goals for a long time.

Identifying the type of woman you are dating

There are many easy and fast red flags that will let you know you are dealing with a street-smart manipulator. The first red flag is nonstop mention of a woman’s bills, lack of funds, and in some cases, not being able to provide for her children. A real woman that isn’t into these petty games will never mention money or the lack of money. She feels as though this is a very tacky, classless move. Some of the bolder women that are into taking from men will leave bills out in plain sight. That is a way for them to call them to your attention. It is a cruel way of manipulating the nice guys into getting out their ATM card. When you see something like this in front of you, get out of the house as fast as you can and run for your car. You have just escaped the evil clutches of a manipulative bitch. Even if you feel sorry for this woman, keep in the back of your mind how many other poor, sorry saps have been standing in your shoes. There are always other forms of manipulation, but when you feel like you are an ATM card, or you notice everything is paid for on your credit card, you might want to sit down and review your relationship. Chances are you are with a woman that doesn’t give a shit about you–but thinks your checkbook always looks good.

Why do women resort to this type of behavior?

There are so many different reasons why women manipulate. Manipulation could have been a childhood thing that they learned at an early age. Many young girls see their moms get things done with their sex appeal, so it is only natural to follow in Mommy’s footsteps. Other women have struggled their entire life and have learned that struggling isn’t the only way to get ahead. Most of these women have issues that they need to deal with, because being able to treat an individual like shit and not value anything about him isn’t cool or appropriate. There are many things going on in the head of a woman who relies on manipulation as a lifestyle, but she usually does not realize that in the end, she will end up alone.

Helping a woman who manipulates

Love can be a factor, when dating a woman with manipulative ways, that keeps a man from walking away. If you are in a relationship where you are manipulated on a regular basis, it might be time to reevaluate your status. Some men hope that if the woman goes to therapy, the relationship can be saved. But sometimes the manipulator doesn’t even realize that she is manipulating. After addressing the manipulation, it is up to you to decide how you plan on dealing with it.

Women will always be complicated creatures to figure out, no matter who analyzes their behavior. If you are dating, you need to be 100 percent positive about the type of woman you are seeking. Men tend to fall into manipulative relationships and never get out of them. Choose wisely when you are first dating someone. A red flag means the smartest move is often to wish her well in life and keep looking.

Relationship Coach Mindy C.

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