Do Successful Women Just Want A Man For Their Image ?


Do Successful Women Just Want A Man For Their Image,When Behind Closed Doors They Really Like Women?

What a tricky and difficult concept for men to even digest. However, in today’s dating world, it’s much more common than most would like to believe.

The first thing we need to analyze are these successful women, and how they got to the positions they are in. It would be fair to say that successful women play by the rules and know how to work hard and get what they want, with professionalism and education. Painting a picture-perfect world is also another trait most successful women demonstrate. They want the entire world around them to seem like the dream other people would give an arm and a leg for. What happens if you are dating a successful woman, but you are not sure if her motives are pure? Do you feel like she is creating a dream life, but in reality, she is craving an entirely different one?

Signs Your Woman Might Really Want To Be With A Woman

As crazy as this sounds, there are more circumstances like this than most people know. Women get married at a young age, have the perfect life with children, but then wake up. That wake-up is: “Oh, shit! I like women.” This does really happen! Here are a few signs your partner might be getting ready to switch teams:

You find lesbian porn on your home computer or her laptop. (No shit!) A friend of mine got busted by her husband for a browser history of lesbian porn. How could she even deny it? When you find excessive amounts of lesbian porn on any electronic device, it might be time to ask a few questions.

She is very touchy-feely with females. Women in general are comforting creatures, but when a woman is overly touchy feely with another woman, that is a huge blue light spinning and saying, “I love women.” Women who love women love the smell, touch and scent of a woman. Touching is just part of how they express themselves.

She hangs out with primarily lesbians. Now, this doesn’t mean she is a lesbian, but she might be thinking of walking on the wild side. A woman I knew had been married to her high school sweetheart, then got separated from him out of nowhere. She became totally pro-lesbian, and all of her friends were lesbian couples. Ultimately, she got herself a girlfriend. Her reputation as a wife and mother meant a great deal to her, but she was really a closet lesbian.

She tends to stay overnight at other females’ homes. Overnighting with women on a regular basis is an indication your woman might have an interest in doing more than sleeping.

Catching your woman with another woman or exchanging hot and steamy emails/texts/letters. The writing is already on the wall with this one. Don’t close the door just yet, because she could be bisexual. Sometimes a relationship with a twist works for some couples, so don’t immediately freak out. You might end up fulfilling a deep, nasty fantasy.

These are just a few simple signs you are with a woman who really wishes she was with another female.

Solid Communication With Your Successful Woman

Before you get into a relationship with a woman who may only be painting the perfect portrait, it’s a good idea to find out her goals and dreams. Or you may be friends with a guy who is dating a “portrait queen,” and he ultimately might need advice. The best way to find out if a woman is living a secret life is to listen. There is no way a person can pull off such a deep secret, and if she does, it’s very hard to maintain every aspect of it. A man will be able to pick up on subtle innuendos that will lead more and more to her loving the ladies.

In a perfect world, we would all be able to love who we want and live life the way we all wish we could. However, that is just not the case. There are always going to be women working on painting the perfect picture of their life. The question is where you fit in–do you want to participate in the dream and hold on for the ride, or would you, as a man, decide you want to stay true to your morals and desires? Everything always happens for a reason; it just can take time figuring out what it is you are seeking.

A successful woman is a dream come true for many men. Who wouldn’t want that solid, independent partner? However, it might come at a cost. Is it worth it?

All of you successful and success driven ladies please chime in and tell us exactly what's on your mind?

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